Chris Paul

Brief info

Chris has been in finance all his working life.  He qualified as a Chartered Accountant at the age of 22. He left public practice and went straight into industry (much better salary). After Chris studied for his MBA at Cranfield to learn about the other aspect of commerce, he entered financial services in 1991 and set up PFM in 2000 with his wife and two others.

‘We have grown organically and by acquisition until we are what we are today, with nearly £1/2 billion of clients investments for which we are responsible’.

In financial services knowledge is essential; Chris therefore continued his studies and became a Chartered Financial Planner nearly ten years ago.

Hobbies are sailing and scuba diving, Chris has sailed all his life but took up scuba diving in 1996 and now it is his main hobby.  Chris and his wife go diving all around the world, when they are not enjoying spending time with their grandchildren.