Ethical Investing

Why invest ethically?

If you currently invest in a pension or an ISA there is a very strong chance that your money could be financing, among other things, weapons production, animal exploitation or environmental damage. If you care about the impact that your money may have on issues such as these then responsible investing is definitely something that you should consider.

It is now easier to match an investment to you own values.

Over recent years the amount of damage that can be caused by irresponsible company behaviour in such areas as the environment and communities has become more apparent. The exciting thing nowadays is that as an investor you have a choice and a very powerful way to have your say in these issues. By investing more ethically you are striking another blow against the companies that are acting irresponsibly and helping to take another step towards a positive change.

One of our primary objectives at PFM is to ensure that our Socially Responsible Portfolios are free from fossil fuel extraction and exploration companies. This is an important step in the development of our proposition and we continually monitor the portfolios to ensure that this objective is maintained. We take the time to explore each client’s individual values and ethical concerns. We can’t promise that we have a perfect solution, but we can show you how our portfolios match up to your individual views.

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